Approved Technologies

The SAFETY Act provides two levels of liability protections for approval: Designation and Certification. By obtaining either Designation or Certification, companies obtain a level of legal protection in case their technology is ever put to use during a terrorist attack. See below for a list of approved technology certifications.


United Parcel Service Co.

Approved: April 25, 2024 | Expires: March 31, 2029

United Parcel Service Co., operates its Secure Skies Program, which is a comprehensive threat detection, prevention, and mitigation system for the security of aircraft, cargo, facilities, and personnel involved in the shipment and proper chain of custody of cargo by air for use with scheduled United Parcel Service (UPS) flights within the United States (U.S.) and its territories, as well as flights originating in the U.S. bound to non-U.S. locations (the Technology).