Developmental Testing & Evaluation (DT&E) Designations

Developmental Testing & Evaluation (DT&E) Designation provides protection during further testing or trial deployment of a technology to collect additional efficacy data necessary for a full Designation. DT&E Designation provides liability protections similar to a full Designation but with certain limitations and constraints and has a limited term for testing or evaluating the technology (presumptively not longer than 36 months). SAFETY Act liability protections associated with DT&E Designations will apply only to acts that occur during the period set forth in the particular DT&E Designation.


P&L E-Communications, LLC: AVT234

Approved: December 06, 2006 | Expires: December 31, 2008

P&L E-Communications, LLC, provides the AVT234, a video content analysis software program that utilizes a patented Target Motion Cueing (TMC) detection algorithm to monitor many existing video streams to detect objects or personnel entering an area. The Technology can automatically detect and cue operators to possible security threats while reducing false alarms from noise sources.