At their discretion, the Under Secretary may consider extending the Date of Termination for Block Designations, Block Certifications, and Developmental Testing & Evaluation Testing Designations only. No other SAFETY Act protections may be extended past the Date of Termination listed on the respective award letters. Additionally, requests to extend the Date of Termination after the SAFETY Act protections have already expired will not be granted. Where this Guidance refers to the Under Secretary for Science and Technology, it includes the Under Secretary's designees who have been designated by the Under Secretary to make SAFETY Act determinations.

A basic guideline is that an application for a technology that has not been tested or used in an operational setting should apply for Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation; technologies with some operational information and past use should apply for Designation; technologies with substantial use may be appropriate for Certification. However, because each case is unique, we suggest filing a pre-application and arranging for a subsequent teleconference with the Office of SAFETY Act Implementation.

Any qualifying product, equipment, service (including support services), device, or technology (including information technology) designed, developed, modified, or procured for the specific purpose of preventing, detecting, identifying, or deterring acts of terrorism or limiting the harm such acts might otherwise cause.

A pre-application should be submitted prior to the submission of a full application when an Applicant is unsure that the Technology is appropriate for SAFETY Act protections or when an Applicant wishes to receive additional guidance on useful information to include when submitting a full application. The Department of Homeland Security, Office of SAFETY Act Implementation encourages all first-time applicants to file a pre-application.

Look up your NAICS code or convert from a SIC code to a NAICS code using this link: https://www.naics.com/naics-identification-help/

The electronic signature on the declaration page of the online application takes the place of sending in the notary page.

The Terms of Use Agreement includes instructions. Only a designated employee of the protected company(ies) may sign the Terms of Use Agreement. Further, the Terms of Use Agreement must be signed in its original form. Additions, addendums, or other modifications to the form are not allowed and will delay transmittal of the SAFETY Act Mark to your company.

The Department of Homeland Security, Office of SAFETY Act Implementation maintains a pool of subject matter experts from the Federal Government, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, the various National Laboratories, and academia to serve as reviewers within the following categories: detector/sensor, personnel protection, pharmaceutical, information technology, systems engineering and integration, security services, threat assessment, and other areas as necessary.