Developmental Testing & Evaluation (DT&E) Designations

Developmental Testing & Evaluation (DT&E) Designation provides protection during further testing or trial deployment of a technology to collect additional efficacy data necessary for a full Designation. DT&E Designation provides liability protections similar to a full Designation but with certain limitations and constraints and has a limited term for testing or evaluating the technology (presumptively not longer than 36 months). SAFETY Act liability protections associated with DT&E Designations will apply only to acts that occur during the period set forth in the particular DT&E Designation.


Bayer Material Science, LLC

Approved: June 29, 2011 | Expires: July 31, 2014

Bayer Material Science, LLC, provides Blast Resistant Barrier Wall for Buildings. The Technology is laminated polycarbonate panels bolted to a steel skeleton in a manner such that the panels can flex to absorb the shockwave from an explosive and effectively dissipate the energy via flexing of the panels and the transfer of energy from the panels and skeleton to the mass of the building. The Technology includes support services necessary for deployment.

The Boeing Company

Approved: February 17, 2011 | Expires: February 28, 2014

The Boeing Company provides Boeing’s Virtual Port – Situational Awareness Systems for Maritime Domain Applications in Support of the Port of Long Beach. The Technology interfaces with third-party systems to provide geo-spatial and domain awareness in a Common Operating Picture by combining real-time data feeds, information from data mining, and quality Geographic Information Systems information for the Port and surrounding areas. The Technology also includes training, technical support, and technical documentation.

Northrop Grumman Security Systems

Approved: February 01, 2011 | Expires: February 28, 2014

Northrop Grumman Security Systems, LLC provides WatchNet-3G. The Technology is a BioWatch Generation-3 candidate and includes an automated biological agent detector deployed in accordance with BioWatch Gen-3 Program test specifications issued by the Department of Homeland Security. The Technology also includes logistics support, preventative and corrective maintenance, training, installation and setup, teardown, data collection, and a secure data monitoring network with the ability to transmit data securely to remote locations.

Fisher Research Labs, Inc.

Approved: November 03, 2010 | Expires: November 30, 2013

Fisher Research Labs, Inc. provides the M-Scope. The Technology is portable walk-through metal detection system designed to alert operators to the presence of threat objects located on a person's body.

American Science and Engineering, Inc.

Approved: July 22, 2010 | Expires: July 13, 2013

American Science and Engineering, Inc. provides OmniView Gantry. The Technology is a high-energy X-ray system that identifies threat items in cargo containers. The Technology may optionally include the integration of a third-party radiation detector. For this optional component, the Seller provides only integration services. The Technology otherwise includes the following: 1) site survey and installation services; 2) operator training (including equipment use training and image analysis training); 3) warranty and preventative maintenance services; 4) the trained personnel who provide all technical, maintenance, and training services; and, 5) all technical documentation.

The Boeing Company

Approved: June 04, 2010 | Expires: June 30, 2013

The Boeing Company provides HazNet. The Technology is a fully integrated end-to-end operational system, designed to support emergency management organizations and to homeland security and law enforcement entities. The Technology also includes the provision of all technical documentation, including requirements, design, configuration, interface controls, testing, operation, training, maintenance, and warranties. Operational support services are also offered as part of the Technology.

MobilVox, Inc.

Approved: May 26, 2010 | Expires: May 31, 2013

MobilVox, Inc. provides Diver Situational Awareness System (DSAS). The Technology is a computer software system used by public safety explosives ordnance disposal (EOD) divers, supervisors, and maritime security command and control personnel to execute hazardous missions more efficiently, effectively, and safely while performing, commanding, and overseeing the search and removal of hazardous terrorist-planted underwater improvised explosive devices and mine countermeasure operations and training.

The Boeing Company

Approved: March 30, 2010 | Expires: April 30, 2013

The Boeing Company provides Cyber Secure Smart Grid Integration Services using the Secure Smart Grid Common Operating Environment. The Technology is software, architecture design, and associated integration services that provide interoperability and multiple levels of cyber security to protect the Smart Grid Cyber Infrastructure. The Technology also includes technical documentation, including requirements, design, configuration, interface controls, testing, operations, training, maintenance, and warranties.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Approved: March 12, 2010 | Expires: April 30, 2013

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has undertaken an initiative that has been publically designated as the "PATH Tunnel Erosion Protection" Project. The Project involves the installation of a Technology designed by the Port Authority, which will be placed on the riverbed above the public transportation tunnels and is designed to mitigate certain damage to the tunnels. The Technology also includes selection of the subcontractors responsible for the manufacturing and implementation of the Technology.

Detector Networks International, LLC

Approved: January 05, 2010 | Expires: February 28, 2013

Detector Networks International, LLC provides Radiation Detection Straddle Carrier. The Technology is a non-intrusive, mobile radiation scanning device used for screening linearly arranged shipping cargo containers, in stacks up to four high, for the potential presence of radiological threat substances. The Technology also includes the Technology integrates optical character recognition (OCR) cameras.